"Naomi helped me several years ago with a huge nightmare backlog of bookkeeping for my franchise business. She was very efficient and professional and didn't judge me for my really bad bookkeeping habits. Her accountancy background was invaluable to help me through my bookkeeping nightmare. I would highly recommend her if anyone was seeking a certified BAS Agent and Bookkeeper"
Alison Milne
Former Franchise Owner - Baby for Hire
“Naomi at FREED Up Business provides a top quality accounting services for our small business. I’m impressed with the timeliness for financial reports, accuracy, and also for the weather watch on standards and legislation changes that will impact the business.

Always cheery, Naomi has delivered everything we need, and I’m glad she does our accounts because I wouldn’t be an accountant for quids!”
Chris Oughton | Director
"Naomi was the dream Manager of Finance – honest, tough, fast with an incredible eye for detail and someone who demonstrated the most fantastic work/life boundaries, committed 100 per cent while she was at work and then able to switch off in her own time. Naomi really deserves a big mention here as she literally transformed DADAA’s financial management practices embedding not only highly compliant processes, but processes that made project management a dream."
DADAA Annual Report 2016–2017